Wine and UnWind – A unique yoga and wine experience!

Wine and UnWind, a unique yoga and wine experience, was created as a way to combine and share the passion of yoga with a passion for wine. Wine and UnWind began in 2015 by owner Frances Hickey in Delray Beach, Florida, Nantucket, Massachusetts and soon to be worldwide. She has discovered that the practice of yoga awakens the senses through breath and movement, therefore allowing a more refined appreciation for the subtle nuances that wine exhibits.

Wine and UnWind is the perfect blend of relaxation and education for yogis and wine lovers. It will deepen the yoga practitioners understanding for the beauty of wine while at the same time, allowing the avid and knowledgeable wine drinker a moment to pause and create space through the practice of yoga.

Wine and UnWind’s events are held anywhere from local yoga studios, wine retail locations, vineyards and wineries, as well as private homes. We customize the flow, food, and wine to your desires and create a unique experience for you, your friends, family, or co-workers.

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Yoga, Wine and Thai Massage Schedule for Fall  2017

Vinyasa Yoga  – Sundays 10 am  – The Yoga Room Nantucket

Vinyasa Yoga – September 19th – 415 pm @ The Yoga Room

Wine Down Wednesday – October 4th – 5-7pm @ Supta Yoga Nantucket

Thai Partner Yoga Workshop – October 7th – 12-2pm @ The Yoga Room

Freestyle Flow – October 7 – 8am @ Supta Yoga

Freestyle Flow  – October 10 – 6pm @ Supta Yoga

Root to Rise  – October 11 – 630 am @ Supta Yoga

Thai Massage –  hours by request!

For more information or to schedule a private class/event/massage contact Frances at 561 247 4020 or Frances@willyogaforwine.com


Meet Frances Hickey

My yoga journey began in 2009 when I signed up for my first weekly class in high school. Yoga had become very popular in the US and all you saw were images of people with the perfect ‘yoga body.’ I wanted that too. So I started to practice more often and every style that I could. However, as I continued to practice, I became more aware of the emotional and mental benefits that yoga was providing me, not just my improved physical health.

Like many people, I have always dealt with anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and jealousy. But as I became more dedicated to my practice, I started to notice the shifts. I began to feel more confident in myself, in my ability to handle difficult situations, and in my ability to make decisions. Yoga became so much more than just exercise for me. The practice transformed me; it opened my mind and my heart. I started to gain a deeper awareness of myself, and I knew that I wanted to dive deeper into the spiritual and ancient wisdom of the practice.

In 2012, I had the opportunity to pursue my 200 hr teacher training  in Nicaragua. This was an amazing and life-altering experience, leading me to teach on Nantucket

Following this, I moved to Delray Beach in 2014 and began to teach in studios, as well as with the US Masters Swimmers and Triathletes. During the summer of 2015, I traveled to Peru’s Sacred Valley to pursue my 300 hr Advanced teacher training. Peru and the training experience broadened my perspective and deepened my passion for the practice.

Recently, I have traveled to Thailand to complete a certification course in Thai Massage.

Upon returning, I narrowed my focus and knew I needed to share what I had learned and experienced with as many people as I can. I teach yoga because I want students to become aware of the connection between mind, body, and spirit through stillness and movement; to help themselves heal; to discover the teacher within, and most importantly, to breathe.

“Flexibility in the body leads to flexibility in the mind.”

Frances Hickey

Ah…wine. One of my first loves. Growing up, wine was a staple with dinner for my parents. Given a glass on special occasions, I developed an appreciation for the juice. It was both a social and educational experience. To me, wine is more than just a drink. Wine is an experience, an art form, and a science. It is history; it is liquid memory; it is of the earth. Wine takes you on a journey in a glass.

I started working in the wine industry on Nantucket at a small, boutique wine store. Working in retail, I deepened my understanding of this complex beverage. I had the opportunity to learn from the many experienced and enthusiastic wine professionals that I met through the shop. We specialized in French Champagne and this is where my love for bubbles began! Champagne is the one wine that can be enjoyed at any time of the day and will immediately make every moment a special occasion.

Desiring more knowledge, I moved to Delray in the winter of 2014 to attend a course with the Wine and Spirits Education Trust through Johnson and Wales University in Miami. At the same time, I began working at a small boutique wine store in downtown Delray to continue to feed my curiosity and to expand my knowledge.

Working at The Wine Wave, I have many opportunities to participate in wine tastings and to share my passion for wine education. I also have the opportunity to sell a wide variety of unique bottles from all over the world.

Not only does wine carry health benefits, every bottle tells a story about a specific place and time. Each time you open a bottle is an opportunity to share and create a liquid memory. It is also a chance to learn more about your own tastes and preferences. As a wine enthusiast and educator, I aim to introduce people to the multifaceted world of wine. I enjoy learning the background story of each bottle that I pour and want to share these stories with whoever I am sharing that bottle with! I strive to transport each person directly to the vineyard or winery through each sip.

     “Open wine, open mind.”